9 Airport Hacks For Travelers

airport hacksPassing through a high security airport is nobody’s idea of a great time; however, doing it near the holiday season is a special hell for most people. With long lines everywhere, crabby and tetchy TSA agents, as well as frequent delays, you know that traveling can be incredibly time-consuming and frustrating nowadays.

In case you are dreading the unavoidable and frustrating holdup at security, do not worry as we have some great news: There are many great ways you can breeze through most pre-flight procedures without losing your temper. All you have to do is a little prep — and shell out a couple of bucks for convenience.

Use these fantastic hacks the next time you go to the airport.

1. Carry A Few Ziploc Bags

These bags could be useful in a number of ways while traveling (to stow snacks, for liquids as you go through airport security, or to keep the phone dry). Therefore, it is always a good idea to stow a couple of Ziploc bags in your travel luggage.

2. Go Left

When you are going through airport security, choose the line to your left. A majority of travelers are, as you can imagine, right handed, therefore, they usually go for the right lane. This is why studies have indicated that the left line is often shorter.

3. Buy Priority Privileges

If you throw in a couple of extra dollars for priority access, it could really pay off. Keep in mind that individual airlines generally offer you the option to buy priority access whenever you check in at the check-in counter or online; also, these priority privileges are as low as just $10 a pop. Some of these niceties often include an early boarding and a separate check-in lane.

4. Download These Valuable Apps

Having a couple of travel apps in the arsenal could be extra handy; this is especially true around the holidays: You should consider downloading apps such as My TSA, TSA’s app, to stay up to date on flight status as well as security wait time.

In addition, Gate Guru and TripIt are two extra apps that could be useful.

5. Bring the Power

You may know that people are very territorial when it comes to outlets at airports. Therefore, it is a good idea to bring an effective power strip with you, and you are guaranteed to get a place to conveniently charge the phone. Also, letting other people charge their phones and other devices, such as tablets, on your power strip is an incredible way to make new friends.

6. Put All Your In-Flight Essentials in One Small Bag

This is very important these days. Put all you would need during your flight into one small bag — such as earbuds, a snack, e-reader/book, etc. — this way you could just grab the bag and stick it conveniently inside the seatback pocket before stowing your remaining stuff in your overhead bin or under your seat. (Keep in mind that if your necessities include various liquids such as antibacterial hand gel, you might need to transfer these liquids into your small bag once you get through security.)

7. Pack Light

Having too many bags would only prolong the time you spend at the check-in counter, and do not forget waiting for these bags at the baggage reclaim once you have touched down. Keep in mind that these lines could get a lot crazier, especially around the holiday season — imagine less staff and more travelers around the holidays — therefore, stick, if you can manage, with a carry-on.

If at all possible, you should be able to fit your baggage into the space below your seat; this is because overhead compartments can get super packed during the peak times.

8. Have a Special Set of “Air Travel Clothes”

If you have a favorite and exclusive set of travel clothes to wear on the plane, it could make the minutes just before you leave for the flight much easier, as well as guarantee comfort and convenience at the airport and in flight.

Make sure your travel clothes are comfortable and presentable, neither too thin nor too warm and somewhat durable. When you’ve chosen your set of air travel clothes, ensure that they’re clean and at the top of the packing list a few days before you travel.

9. Wear a Belt with a Plastic Buckle

A majority of security agents would let you leave the belt on in case it’s not made of metal; this is where a belt that has a plastic buckle may save you the hassle and trouble of taking it off and having your clothes embarrassingly half falling off.

And of course your biggest airport hack is hiring a airport car service that delivers on-time every time. Call us today to schedule a reservation or book online.