What’s your online booking procedure?

Once you submit your booking online, we will process the full amount of your trip via the card you provided and you will receive an email confirmation, confirming all the info you submitted online. If you submit an online booking for a trip in less than 3 hrs., please call our office.

Where should I meet my driver at the airport?

Our pickup policy at the airport is standard. When you arrive at the airport and turn your cell phone on you should have a text from your driver. Once you have retrieved your luggage and are ready for pickup please call your driver and advise your location and the driver will meet you curbside.

How much should I tip?

Great question, the industry standard gratuity is 20%. However, if your driver has provided excellent service you can feel free to tip in more. Gratuity can also be added to your card at the time of booking.

Do you charge for waiting time?

Each customer has a 45 min free waiting period after the plane has landed for domestic flights and 60 mins free for international flights. After these respected times TRCS reserves the right to charge $6 per 5 min increments based on a case by case scenario.

What is your cancellation policy?

**At this time, we are only offering credits toward future trips for all cancellations due to the current climate **
All trips that are changed due to scheduling by the customer or due to the airline changes or weather will be rebooked at no additional cost. If the trip is not rebooked after the airline rebooks in the case of weather the cost of the trip will be forfeited as a cancellation fee. If we are unable to facilitate the trip due to our scheduling conflicts, we will refund the total cost of the trip. All cancellations must be in writing only. If information you provided to TRCS such as airline, flight number, date are not valid you will be charged the full cost of the trip for the reservation slot reserved. All refunds for cancelled trips will take a 4-7 business day processing time. TRCS reserves the right to cancel any trip for any reason at any time and will provide a full refund. TRCS cannot be held liable for any missed flights due to acts of God or mechanical failure. All 15 pssngr van trips are final

What is your billing procedure?

We accept all major credit cards and gift cards for payment. We do not accept cash. In order to make a reservation you must have a valid credit or debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo. Your card will be billed for the full amount of the trip the day of booking and an email confirmation and receipt will follow. Should you need to cancel within the allowed time a refund will be issued to your card within 4-7 business days from the day your cancellation is received in writing.