Toms River Car Service’s Holiday Travel Tips

holiday travel tips

When traveling there are a ton of things to remember from IDs to passports and airline information. We have done the research and have complied a list of the top 10 tips for traveling this holiday season.

  • Make a List of important Items needed for your trip
    There is nothing worse than getting to your destination and forgetting something important that you need for your trip. If you plan ahead this can be avoided.
  • Always buy travel insurance
    While not necessary, travel insurance can come in handy if in the event an emergency happens and you need to change your travel plans. It’s also relatively cheap.
  • Make sure you make photocopies of important documents
    This tips can come in handy in the event you misplace your important documents while away from home.
  • Pre plan your outfits for packing
    Ah, packing the dreaded part of travel. If you plan your outfits it can avoid you over packing which can lead to overweight charges at the airport
  • Put all of your important items in your carry-on
    If in the event your luggage is loss you’ll have the most important documents with you
  • Be Flexible
    Travel can be cumbersome in itself. If you leave room for flexibility it can help relieve the stress of delayed travel plans.
  • Put your hotel number and address in your phone
    This tip is great and self -explanatory
  • Contact your bank and credit card company of your travel plans
    This tip is paramount. In the era fraud we live in most banks have some degree of fraud monitoring which can lead to your cards being declined if the banks aren’t aware.
  • Let someone you know and trust know about your travel plans
    This tip will help in the event of any emergency at home or abroad
  • And last but not least if you’re in Toms River book your car service to the airport with Toms River Car Service.